Mag. Sylwia Huber



Itʼs not office work alone with all itʼs available modernities, but also the often timeconsuming search within archives, registries, courts or personal conversations with village elders and often a visit to the priest that make up most part of my erveryday working shedule. Every new case tells a new story and whenever one of these cases takes a happy ending with the rightful heir found, it fascinates me. That is what makes my profession so worth while.
  • 1974 - Born
  • 1999 - Degree in law
  • 1999 - Attorneys office Glaser & Johannsen Berlin

Assisting polish victims of slave labor during the II WW. Liaison for polish government agencies and the foundation “ Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” in Warsaw. The coordination of lost property & wealth during II WW set out by the Claims Act. Assistance in the acquisition of documents. Contacts to the IOM.

  • 2004 - Self-employed in the field of intelligence and investigation documents in Poland. Working for various companies and heir research administrator of the estate.

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